A school for the Narikurava of Poonjeri

A group of local Narikurava parents initiated the school project. In order to support them we founded the Narikurava Friend Association (NAFRA). The aim of the parents initiative together with NAFRA is to build building a school for ca. 30 Narikurava-children.

The money for the building will be raised by your donations and by Soli-Partys and foundation requests done by NAFRA. Also the parents initiative collects money locally by distributing business cards, which they designed together with NAFRA last February/March. ("We Need a School! If You want, Help!")

The amount of money we need to build the school is ca. 12.000 Euro.

For the realisation of the building we could win over the reigning major, the Town Panchayat Mr. Gowinda Swami.










Narikurava Friends Association e.V.
Supporting the rights and basic existence of the Narikurava Indian tribe 
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