Mr. Gowinda Swami is the official chairman for the project.

That means that as soon the money is raised Mr. Gowinda Swami will supervise and control the building process along with two members of NAFRA. After completion the Town Panchayat will appoint a teacher and also provide books, furniture and teaching equipment.

NAFRA will support the school project on a long term basis.

Longterm Goals of the school project

The way in which NAFRA offers the support to the school project is estimated each time by the parents initiative.

At the last meetings in February/March 2012 following points were discussed and agreed upon by the parents initiative and NAFRA:

- The children should get fed at the school. Breakfast and lunch. That will convince also those parents who are not part of the parents initiative to send their children to school instead of sending them to work.

- Since the parents can not help with the homework, NAFRA will organise a "Tutor Program" to help the children with their homework in the evening.

- Alternate teaching methods, which are dialogue based are appreciated (see also Paolo Freires "Pedagogy of the Oppressed"). Learning should be fun, playful and voluntary.










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