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Life Today

Especially in the last decade India has changed considerably. Their rising global power plays an important role in current world politics. Nevertheless, there is no other country where the difference in income is as high as within the population of India.

The people of the Narikurava, as well as the majority of Indian society have not benefited from the growing wealth and influence of the country.

In the case of the Narikurava, the opposite has taken place. The modernisation of the country has led to the Narikurava becoming more and more deprived of their former habitat.
Hunting and shows with performing monkeys are forbidden and strictly controlled and therefore seldom practiced. The Narikurava's sources of income are therefore very limited.

Nowadays they mainly live off trading handmade necklaces or plastic and paper waste or begging. The formerly nomadic people now live in small settlements of about 50 to 300 people.










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