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About the Narikurava

The Narikurava are an indigenous group of people, living in Tamil Nadu in South India.
The name Narikurava is composed of the Tamil words "Nari" and "Kurava" - "Nari" means jackal and "Kurava" means people. So Narikurava means "Jackal-People". The name relates to the former livelihood of the Narikurava - the hunting of wild animals.

The ethnic group of the Narikurava holds an extremely underprivileged status within current Indian society.
They neither have access to necessary resources for survival, such as drinking water or sanitation facilities, nor to formal education.

The colonisation of India deprived the Narikurava of their original nomadic existence as hunters. Furthermore they are discriminated within the structure of the Indian social system.










Narikurava Friends Association e.V.
Supporting the rights and basic existence of the Narikurava Indian tribe 
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