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The Rainbow School now has water and electricity! (Nov 2018)

Your donations are still very welcome.
– Increase of teacher salaries
– Warranty of running expenses
– Help for self help: We would like to offer workshops surrounding solar panel construction for the Narikurava community’s own use, as well as to derive profit from, and information on how to build a dry toilet.

The Narikurava count to the most deprived of indigenous Indian people. Within the Indian caste hierarchy they are even subordinate to the so-called "Untouchables".
The initiative to found the Narikurava Friends Association grew out of a long friendship between some of the European members with members of the clan of the Narikurava.

The association is independent, political and religiuosly neutral and not-for-profit. All members work voluntarily without individual financial gain.

All contributions go directly into the projects in India.

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Narikurava Friends Association e.V.
Supporting the rights and basic existence of the Narikurava Indian tribe 
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